Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mind Over Money

The Bugle from time to time gets some of his financial device from the Motley Fool.  For those not familiar with them you can just head on over to and check them out.  One of their recent newsletters had an interesting article within that some of the retirees in our local area might be interested in so I took the liberty to post it here,

     Need another reason besides cold, hard cash to push off retirement? A new study by a French governmental health agency reveals that delaying retirement can help keep dementia at bay. The study found that for each additional year near-retirees continue to work, the risk of getting dementia drops by 3.2%. Researchers studied more than 400,000 retired French workers with an average age of 74 who had been retired for an average of 12 years. They found that workers who retired at 65 had a 15% lower risk of developing dementia compared with someone who retired at 60. So if you’re closing in on retirement, remember that working longer can bring important mental-health benefits, too!

Funny to say that the Bugle agrees with the French but in this case I guess keeping busy might just be good for us all.


  1. Too late for most of those guys.

  2. be interesting to get the french definitions of "work" and "retiring".
    seems they only ever built the eiffel tower,the statue of liberties and the arc de triompe(that,alas,was sadly premature)
    c'est la vie!.

  3. Do what ever makes you happy.. IMO, work is highly over-rated.. As an expat, I would much rather be young and retired - especially in Subic or Pattaya.


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