Friday, August 30, 2013

Memories of Barrio Barretto 
Comment from a reader on Name that saloon!
I lived in Barrio Barretto from Sept. 1972 thru May 1974 and lived on Morales street which is now Rizal.I don't remember this place and the street location. I lived just a block or two from the National Highway and the Galaxy Club Resort on the beach.I rode my ten speed bike in the barrio as far as White Rock Beach Resort and all the other local places. The streets were dirt and dust during dry season and muddy during wet season. Marcos the President declared Martial Law in September 1972 and there was a midnight curfew until 4 am so I had to be off the streets. The Manilla TV stations were off the air for a month or two and then there was just one station. The main streets and sidewalks were paved in Olongapo City before I was transferred in May 1974 to Pearl Harbor. I had been stationed at Service Craft Harbor Tugs on the Naval Base just below Cubi Point Hill.

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