Thursday, August 1, 2013

SM Olongapo elevator girl goes viral

A video of a "funny" yet dedicated elevator attendant is making the rounds online, drawing laughter among netizens and also inspiring Filipino workers.
The video, posted by a certain Dave Pronto on the video-sharing site YouTube, shows a perky SM City Olongapo elevator attendant identified as Cheridel Alejandrino patiently informing the passengers of establishments found at a specific floor.
She is also seen greeting every elevator passenger, even singing at one point.
The video has inspired many viewers, drawing various positive comments. As of posting time, the video has been viewed over 62,000 times.
"I smiled and cried while watching this video.. u need not to have a high paying job para maging masaya at makuntento.. just being greatful and enjoying what you have is a wealth that many people fail to see these days... IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS FOR THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD.. God bless you miss," said YouTube user huffle32 in her comment.

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