Thursday, August 29, 2013

They are treacherous and ungrateful children throwing tantrums! 

Comment from a reader on 1999 survey
1991 1999 2013....other than its proximity to a rising China, and two nice ready made bases, the Philippines is a total irrelevance in world politics...the PHILS politicians have once again screwed the pooch with their anti American/anti foreigner behavior, crab mentality and basic corruption...can't think beyond the next 5 minutes...treacherous and ungrateful children throwing tantrums....10 billion plus pesos lost in pork barrel scams...what international foreign infrastructure developer would build a road or an airport after the default on the last airport, and knowing that PI contracts are meaningless from administration to administration? Only the very naive...the beat goes on... 

From the Bugle: Get your head out of the sand dear reader. Clark is not a "ready made base". It is a booming special economic zone that would be the envy of the struggling economies of the United States and Europe. In fact, they had to kick the Philippine military out of Clark and send them to Subic to make room for more investors. Subic, which sadly has largely failed as an economic zone, appears destined to be transformed into a military center that hosts joint-use Philippine bases and commercial military activity, such as in Singapore.  

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