Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Beautiful Women of Subic are Exploiting Me!


Comment from a reader on: The Bamboo Bugle Needs a Psychiatrist

When I am in a bar, I feel like I am the exploited one. Isn't that the reason why many of us live here? To be exploited by pretty girls? Sounds to me like this guy is a reformed drunk and probably isn't interested the female gender. Perhaps he figured out how to make a few pesos by exploiting Filipino labor and figuring out how to navigate the corruption. But why would anyone do that when they could take their enormous business acumen and apply it in a much better market like their home country? Note that he doesn't provide his name or the name of his business... Hmmm I wonder who is hiding anonymously. Running from Preda possibly?

From the Bugle: Who will protect the poor, beleaguered bar customer from exploitation?

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  1. Really? Some smug guys wouldn't get any--if they didn't pay for it. More fun in the Philippines.


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