Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why Can't Filipinos Travel Freely? 

Comment from a reader on the post: Clark Airport is the Meanest in the Philippines:
My girl and I regularly fly through Clark and have never had an issue but I’ve heard horror stories. I have spoken with immigration in Olongapo and they could not understand the bull either but they said any Immigration Officer can refuse to let any person leave for any reason. It is up to them personally. The course is for emigrants not tourists but one day someone in authority will fix this but don’t hold your breath. Maybe just maybe the male immigration officers from the line were removed and replaced by females and now they need to exercise their authority at a different spot within the terminal. I’ve noticed they are all elderly male officers. We have been asked if we were migrating but showed the accommodation and return ticket and the visa to Australia clearly showed it was for three months. Maybe that’s what they were leading too.

From the Bugle: It really is an insult to the Filipino people. Singaporeans, Thais and Malays are allowed to migrate and travel freely but the Philippine government believes Filipinos have to take courses to learn how to live overseas and need to be interrogated before they travel overseas. The Philippine government should have more respect for the Filipino people.

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