Friday, April 26, 2013

Clark Airport is the Meanest in the Philippines

When flying in our out of Clark, the motto is: "Sit down and shut up." 

Comment from a reader on: Clark Airport Immigration is a National Embarrassment:  I’m a European national and my Filipina wife were gonna travel to Europe together through Clark. My wife had a visa for 90 days and these damn airport Nazis ask her to take a course for Filipinas emigrating outside of Philippines which in her case is ridiculous! She's travelling there for temporary trip only. Even talking with the supervisor changed nothing. How dare they do this to us? I had to travel ahead alone to not waste my ticket. I had been living in Philippines for 2 years with her prior to that. Now her expensive ticket was wasted! What for? They were very rude and even questioned her being a registered nurse, what the **** does that got to do with travelling anyway? All sort of dumb questions. She had the paperwork to back it all up of course, but the course was a big question mark. Short term tourists are not required to take this course! She went to ask from the immigration in Davao afterwards and even they were shocked and said she definitely shouldn't have been asked for this course!

From the Bugle: Have you learned your lesson? Never fly in or out of Clark unless you are flying alone and prepared to battle the ignorant bureaucrats. It’s the meanest airport in the country to Filipinos and it is pretty rough on foreigners as well. 

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