Saturday, April 6, 2013

National Highways are Not for Drying Rice!


The Department of Public Works and Highways is urging farmers and rice traders not to use the national highways as solar dryers to avoid road accidents.

“We have widened the national highways to facilitate smoother flow of traffic especially in major arterials roads and not to be used as solar dryers for palay or corn,” said Secretary of Public Works and Highways Rogelio L. Singson.

The DPWH has widened and improved the McArthur Highway or the Manila North Road going to the Ilocos Region; the Cagayan Valley Road going to the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, and Isabela; and the Manila South Road or Daang Maharlika going to Bicol and other national arterial roads in the country.

It is observed that farmers taking advantage of the good weather are drying up their palay or corn along the national highways and cordoning off road sections that were widened.

“To add trouble, these farmers put stones and barriers along the national highways to protect their palay from being overrun by vehicles. The presence of big stones or boulders poses danger to motorists,” said Singson.

The DPWH Chief also noted that tricycles and motorcycles are using the center lanes of these widened national roads. This practice hampers smoother flow of traffic or poses danger to motorists, particularly at night time.

“These tricycles and motorcycles are slow moving vehicles and often do not have appropriate tail lights that are visible during nighttime.” Said Singson.

He said that, “if they want to use the national roads, then, they should use the outer lanes to prevent accidents to happen. We are urging the LGUs to help put order along the national roads, particularly in poblaciones or market areas. We are experiencing heavy traffic on the approaches of these market areas or town centers because of the presence of tricycle terminals or parking areas encroaching on national roads.”

“We are also urging the LGUs and the Philippine National Police to strictly enforce the ‘no parking’ regulation or encroachments on national roads especially at the widened portion,” added Singson.


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