Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another Bad Experience with Tricare in the Philippines

Comment from a reader on:  Tricare is a Benefit Not a Privilege: I have had two bad experiences with Tricare here in the Philippines. My first was required hand surgery I had at St Lukes in Manila. The bill was over $2,000. I paid it and filed a claim for reimbursement. Tricare sends me a check for $240, or 13% of what I had paid. I complained to Tricare and wrote my Senator. Tricare demanded I return the $240 and actually confiscated the $240 out of my next claims for meds prior to my allotted time to appeal being up. The reason for the entire claim being denied? I spent the night prior to surgery in the hospital on Doctors orders. My next major claim was the result of vehicle accident. They reimbursed 40% of my claim. It is a shame that our Vets are being treated they way they are by tricare. All they would have to do is reimburse at the 75% mandated, on all legit claims, and folks would be happy.  

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