Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Will Give the Bugle Loser a Job

Comment from a reader on:  Subic Dumping Scandal Was Manufactured: Blames the Philippines for his failures? I would be more than happy to meet and discuss my accomplishments with you...I might even offer you a job. You see, just because you chose to come here because you can't hack it in your own country, doesn't mean that's how the rest of us are. I'm sure you are just another one of the boys, who spends their life drinking in the bar everyday because you're too afraid to come out of your safe zone and try to make something for yourself. So lets meet up and discuss this like men, or you can continue to hide behind your blog / computer and continue to make false claims.

From the Bugle:  Meet to discuss your accomplishments? Whew that sounds like fun! With all your great accomplishments in the Philippines one would think that you might have some interesting insights. Instead, your comments are repetitive and tedious. Any thoughts ever go through your head other than blaming the Philippines for all your problems?

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