Friday, March 8, 2013

Subic Dumping Scandal Was Manufactured

He may not hate the Philippines, maybe he just hates certain aspects of it. I agree with some of his rant, every ex pat who has lived in PHILS has gone ballistic over their illogical yes stupid and dishonest ways at times. And the writer who suggested there might be a US covert operation aspect to the minesweeper landing on the reef could be right. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. With modern technology its hard to believe that could happen in the absence of a total screw up- OR - there is more to the story. Same as the so called Subic dumping deal. THAT was manufactured by local rival contractors and played into the hands of anti VFA commies and the rest. And how anyone would suggest that US would simply arrogantly crash on the reef or dump toxic waste in Subic Bay should not go back to the US and deserves the PHILS as a home if they think the PHILS is better. Don't worry, the locals will use this to try to extort every centavo from the US, despite their own 50 years of reef. 

From the Bugle: The guy being referred to a is a regular commenter and he definitely hates the Philippines, blames the country for all his failures. As for the Subic dumping, we haven't taken a side on way or the other, but it is interesting how the anti-VFA commies have gotten the US military to fake an investigation that resulted in this contract being fanned from further federal contracts. Those must be some powerful commies... or maybe there was some wrongdoing on the part of the contractor.

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