Saturday, March 2, 2013

Philippine Retirees Help Your Brothers in the United States

From a reader: The truth is, only the individual is responsible for his or her health and the health of their family members. It is your responsibility to research the most affordable and available healthcare plan you can find, not to mention quality. You reap what you sow, to coin a phrase. Tricare, like all healthcare programs has its flaws, but it's only an option among many. You fellows in the Philippines are fighting a losing battle that may cause you only health problems in the long run. Do you honestly think 30 retirees, in a closed and restricted meeting, telling their stories will even make a dent in a system as big and bureaucratic as Tricare? Their focus is not on the minority overseas but the majority in the United States. For those of you who are from the Philippines you may be better off then those who are not. You know the culture and healthcare systems better than anyone. Help those retirees who are looking for alternatives to healthcare. Create a network of brothers and sisters assisting each other. I tend to agree with Crazy in a way. Find yourselves alternatives to Tricare or leave the area you are residing in. Your options are limited, but that is the choice you made when you retired in a country other then the U.S. It is unfare, I agree, but there are perks and sacrifices wherever you go.

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