Saturday, March 23, 2013

Philippine Retirees Relegated to Low-Grade Care

From a reader: There is good care available here but Tricare says we can't use the better doctors or hospitals. We are being relegated to 2nd class hospitals when better ones are down the street and the same with doctors. We understand the limits here and accept them. What we don't accept is the deliberate roadblocks placed in front of us by people in Washington that have never been here and have no idea how the system works. These roadblocks are not applied in any other country, 3rd world or not. They cry fraud but they helped to create the environment for fraud by ignoring it for ten years while veterans were reporting it to them. Then their own contractor got involved in fraud which was also reported but mostly ignored. They promised to place an employee here so they could understand the local system but as with most promises they just forgot the promise. In all other countries with major veteran populations they have representatives but not here.

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