Sunday, March 31, 2013

Velveeta Cheese Nachos

Comment from a reader on the post: Dos Amigos Subic is back open
Velveeta cheese for their nachos ?? You need to get out more if you believe their Mexican food even vaguely resembles the real thing. Papagayos has better nachos and better Margaritas....Iguana in Angeles is FAR superior to Dos Amigos. 

From the Bugle: Dos Amigos does have a lot of problems. One time we ate there, the credit card machine was broken. The next time, the lady who answered the phone didn't know what "take out" meant. Sometimes the food rises to the standards of mediocre but most of the time not. Papagayos is about the same when it comes to food quality but they have a nice view of the bay out back (though they aren't afraid to crank up the karaoke machine, which ruins the place). If you want good Mexican food, head to Angeles or Manila. 

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