Sunday, March 24, 2013

Memories of the Base Days

Back in 86 I was a tourist and me and guy I was traveling with sat upstairs at the New Pussycat Bar. From upstairs you could get a 180 degree view of all the goings on. A double decker bus loaded with hot girls taking in the ride going by, bars across the street, with a group of black guys with various basketball clothing on all drinking San Miguel. Women coming and going and just about everywhere. Unbelievable ! I recall some rowdy jarheads across the room that were provoked and were accosted by some big MP's wielding batons who charged up the stairs creating pandemonium and cracked some skulls dragging their prey out to a paddy wagon. Crazy. Like living in a movie or something. I recall a super sweet little GRO there called Cherry who met me after work at about 2:00 am and kept me 'up' all night at the low budget Bayside Hotel. What a sweetie. What a great memory. Nice photo!

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