Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Can You Tell Us About This Subic Photo?


  1. That's the corner of Fendler street and Magsaysay. IF you turn left at Acebedo you would see the Rufadora Bar (famous helicopter bar). A lot of little hole in the wall bars were down that side street. Can't say when the picture was taken but from the cars I would imagine late 70's?

  2. This photo was probably taken sometime in the early 80's a long Magsaysay Ave. The Mariposa was one of the best bars to hang out, and watch the girls go by. But had the worst smelling CR's of any bar in Olongapo. Yes! Many fond memories of those days.

  3. I have put back many a pitcher of mojo in this place. Its just down the street from the Yellow Page Disco Club. Thanks for the flash back.....


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