Monday, May 28, 2012

Why Drive to Quezon City?

Comment on the post: Are you ready for a drive to Quezon City?
Why drive to Quezon City? Certainly, there must be a way to avoid getting your drivers license “confiscated”. I fail to understand the reasoning behind surrendering your drivers license to the “Police or Highway Patrol” for an alleged traffic violation. Just give the offending driver a ticket, and if the ticket goes uncontested and unpaid, attach the infraction to the drivers LTO file. The next renewal of the offender’s driver’s license should show unpaid tickets. Then a NO Pay NO license renewal would work. It’s time for the Philippines to upgrade their enforcement of traffic laws and procedures for penalizing those who disregard the law.

From the Bugle: Agreed on all points, but until they figure out how computerize and manage the system, your best bet is to just pay the bribe or to keep a couple of extra licenses handy in case one gets taken.

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  1. Actually, I believe the catch'em-at-license-renewal method is already in place. A few years back on the Gapo-San Fernando Hgwy, I followed a line of locals who were passing congested traffic on the right. Naturally, as the only Kano, I was selected by two alert LTO cops for ticketing. This was back when you recieved a temporary renewed license and waited for the had copy for up to a year. I handed the cops my temporary and picked up the permaent license at Olongapo LTO a week later with th "lost the Temp" excuse. Laughed up my sleeve until License renewal time, when I was told to head for San Fernando to pay the fine for my driving violation before a new license would be issued. The fine was only P275, and I combined the trip with an A-town visit, so it was no big deal. Yup, I believe LTO has computers these days and is effectively using them.


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