Saturday, March 30, 2013

What a Rant!

Comment from a reader on the post: Foreigners in the Philippines are Low Rent and Low Class
What a rant from the author of, "Foreigners in the Philippines are Low Rent and Low Class"! I can only wonder if something like his 20 or 30 year younger female companion had just screwed him over and he was mad at the world? I'm an American and I have lived here a long time and while there are many problems here, this country is making strides to make things better, can he really say the SAME about the state of the US? This country has had 11 credit upgrades in the last two years. The US has had it's first credit downgrade since WWII. Many friends have told me that the US I grew up in is gone. That between political correctness, politicians selling out to special & corporate interests and the growing number of people living off the system instead of supporting it, that America is definitely backsliding. Yes 99% of the locals would be in the US if they could, but that's because they believe that America is like what they see in the movies. 

From the Bugle: We love both the United States and the Philippines and we are ready to call either country on its faults and praise either country on its successes. Some of our readers feel the only way they can love their country is to crap on other countries. 

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