Thursday, March 21, 2013

There is Good Medical Care in the Philippines

From a reader: I'm retired to the Philippines and I’m happily married and I don't drink. Why don't I live in the US anymore? Look at the political system that is so dysfunsional it's tearing our country apart as there is no longer integrity or compromise in our system.When a Senator piped out and called our Commander in Chief a Liar at his swearing in I knew it was time to leave. I came here to live close to my wife's family and am outr, in the past. I'm enraged you would clump us all into this type of catagory. I'm a 100% combat wounded and have watched our country deny the WWII Filipino veterans their promised benefits time and again for the last 50 years. There is very good medical healthcare available here ( Medical City in Malate and St. Lukes hospital in Manila. Evidently your another adherent to the garbage called "American Exceptionalism". You can't micromanage a system half a world away without understanding the culture and there should be a committee including those who have to use the system here. Must be nice to live in an area with so many active duty bases that you can also use. If you'd do a little research, you'd find that Champus IS a program promised to military retired personnel, regardless of us living in one of the old US territories.

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