Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Grow Weary of My Miserable Life

Honestly, if I were you, I would totally forget about moving here. The corruption is beyond belief, the quality of medical care here is a joke, and the only thing of concern to these people is money. People are inconsiderate, the pollution is as bad as you will find in any country, and if you have any existing medical conditions, they are sure to worsen. The majority of the people look at you, and their eyes flash with dollar signs, and their mouths drool like your going to be the next meal. I took the chance, came here and established a very successful business, purchased an island with my wife of 25 years, but if I could sell it all today, I wouldn't hesitate for 1 second. I have grown weary of having to constantly watch behind my back around everyone, and really tired of having to pay off people who think they are entitled to what I have earned. That's my advice, however if your one of the kind of people who plan to hang out in the bars and drink the rest of your life away. 

From the Bugle: Take some personal responsibility for your screwed up miserable life and stop blaming the Philippines. You know you would be a miserable angry screw up in your own country as well. Boo hoo I can't sell my island and no one likes me!  

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