Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stick to Your Restaurant Reviews Mr. Philippines Apologist

Comment from a reader on: How Did the Philippines Help the US after 9/11? The Philippines stepped up and did its part? Oh really, Bugle? When did that ever happen? World War Two? MAYBE in 1944-45...What planet are you from? If it wasn't for the nexus with China's imperialistic aspirations and Abu Sayef/Al Qaeda elements in Mindanao, we--as in WE-- the US, not YOU Mr. Philippines apologist, would have ZERO interest in the Philippines, and it would sink back into its primeval corrupt swamp...deservedly so..."military ally", my ass...they will sell themselves to the highest bidder...they will turn on the US and revoke the VFA the minute the money spigot gets turned off....military ally...that would be funny if it wasn't so should stick to restaurant reviews and leave the political chatter to the better informed... 

From the Bugle: I do like the ribs at Texas Joes and Xtremely Esspresso does its pizza crust well.

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