Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Everything in Japan is Better

Comment from a reader on:  The Tricare Situation in Japan: having been to Japan a number of times, I would point out that most everything is better there....medical, legal, infrastructure all work as advertised...clean, safe, honest, organized, intelligent, educated, high minded and hard working people...reserved and not "sweet" like Filipinos are alleged to be, but helpful, polite, respectful and they won't smile at you while plotting how to break in your house....they would be ashamed to lie, steal or throw their garbage in the street...more expensive than PI, you better have a job or money there, and the language is a bit daunting...some English in Tokyo but outside Tokyo its challenging to need a working knowledge of the language to get by...but street signs and subway in English, easy to get around Tokyo...bullet trains and a tourist infrastructure, baseball and sumo and great restaurants, beautiful clean elegant women, lots to be truly proud of there...

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