Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Subic Golf Sucked


Since this blog helps provide information for locals and visitors alike I wanted to comment on our recent golf experience at SBMA. That would be the formerly Binicatican Golf Course now named Subic Golf.

The golf cart was an antique that barely moved. We had to get out so it could manage any slight increase in elevation over the nine hole outing. (yeah we're overweight foreigners)

The caddies were dismal. After the first hole when we asked for the scorecard they had forgotten it. Over the next 8 holes they 1) forgot to take out or put back flags 2) forgot to remove balls from holes after putts 3) talked while golfers were putting 4) moved while golfers were putting. We used to complain about the caddies at San Antonio but those are Augusta quality compared to ours that day at Subic Golf.

All this for P1100 ea for the round, P500 for the cart and worst of all P300 for each caddie. On the bright side the course was in nice condition. 

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