Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eat Chili, Play Golf, Support the Community

From a Reader:
In conjunction with the Fleet Reserve Association's annual chili cook-off, a charity golf tournament will also be held. The proceeds will go entirely to their many charities that benefit local children. The tournament will be held on Friday April 5th at the Navy Golf Course in San Antonio. Sponsorship of the tournament is just P1000. Sponsor's names will be on all the posters and banners for a month. Anyone wishing a sponsorship please call or text 09399178593 before the end of February. We especially thank those already on board:

Texas Joe's * Arlene’s * Wild Orchid * Lorenzana Dental * By The Sea * Mango’s * Blue Rock * Johan’s * Voodoo * Dryden Group * Hot Zone  Harley’s * Sit n Bull * Treasure Island * The General’s * Dynamite Dicks * Palm Tree* Alley Cat * Porky’s BBQ Shack * Up The Alley
Trader Rick's * Jim & Kathy * Bar Barretto * Coffee Shop

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