Thursday, February 28, 2013

How Did the Philippines Help the US after 9/11?

Comment from a reader on It Wasn't Extortion: Such a narrow minded view of reality. Unfortunately most intelligent folks understand that when you give a country back to the people from an invading force, it's hardly being a bully. And when the country no longer wants us around, we take our toys and go home. Too bad we didn't take all of the foreign aid along with it. One question... when the USA was attacked by terrorists on 9/11, how much help did the Philippines give the USA? As a wise man once said, the only thing the USA asks of other countries is a bit of land to bury our dead. 

From the Bugle: The US asked to open a US military base in the Philippines after the 9/11 terror attacks and in violation of their constitution the Philippines allowed them to open that base. It is still there today. This is their website: We're not opposed to the establishment of this US military facility in Zamboanga to fight terrorism. It has done a lot of good in fighting extremist elements down there but let's at least be honest: the Philippines stepped up and did its part. Let's not be narrow minded about history.

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