Thursday, February 28, 2013

Editorially and Ethically Dishonest

Comment from a reader on Foreigners in the Philippines are Low Rent and Low Class Your headline completely misconstrues the point of the writer's post and is both editorially and ethically dishonest. He is saying that no one suggests the US deliberately or arrogantly grounded the ship on the coral reef. And that your trumpeting the glories of the Philippines over the US is ridiculous. Your life in US must be pretty empty to give caused you to abandon your love of country, Nathan Hale. Or is it Benedict Arnold? 

From the Bugle: The headline was written based on this quote from the the poster "1% of US citizens choose the soft target low rent low class life in the Philippines". As for abandoning love of country, what an ignorant hillbilly view of patriotism. Establishing strong military ties, and respecting your military allies (like the Philippines) is the over-arching strategy of the United States military and you shouldn't call the US military Benedict Arnold because they want to maintain strong strategic allies with countries like the Philippines. The US military sometimes makes mistakes. Owning up to those mistakes and making them right is how you maintain strong military alliances. No one will think you are a traitor if you acknowledge that simple fact.  

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