Thursday, February 7, 2013

Subic and Clark Fell Victim to Greed

From a reader: Subic Bay has been and is dilapidated beyond belief. The P.I. is too corrupt. The kicked out the Japanese who were running local power plants too, then begged them to come back after they fell into complete disarray.  What a joke.
20 years after we left and 5 Presidents later this not real news.  Lots of infighting with friends of whoever is in charge.  Who has what piece of the pie.  I must say that we did leave one on the best communities ever build at Clark and Subic. Sad to see the Regional Hospital and so many houses stripped down to the plaster.  Everything of value was taken. The potential for greatness has always been there, just needed someone who would see it through.  The Philippines is no different from anywhere else that is controlled by greed and self interest.  Look what it has done to the USA.  I wish the best for Clark and Subic.

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