Monday, February 11, 2013

The Philippines Needs its Own Tricare Office

From a reader: The fraud could be reduced by having an actual Tricare Office here in the Philippines. An office was rented on Clark and a civil service position was created for it but for some reason this fell through. Why must the nearest Tricare employee be located in Japan? It fell through because like most promises Tricare makes to the retirees in the Philippines and the service organizations they have no intention of keeping them. The position was played off of the embassy for years and then when they figured most forgot about it they just dropped it. If anyone asks them they ignore the question now.
 This was another Tricare lie. They promised to place an employee here than played around for 5 years. Now they will not even respond which is their normal mode of operation. You cannot believe any promises from these people or what they say to S&S as most of it is a lie.

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