Friday, February 8, 2013

The Americans Simply Did Not Need Clark and Subic

Comment from a reader on the post: The Philippines Only Wanted Just Compensation for use of Subic and Clark: Thinking back I believe that the withdrawal was more about dealing with the anti-american movement in this country, along with the Mt. Pinatubo disaster. The US felt that it was just not worth it to rebuild and move forward. We finished up the Iraq war in 1991 and didn't engage in any more major battles for 10 years (Afghanistan). We simply didn't need the bases any longer. Regarding your figures.. do not confuse base lease fees with foreign aid. The Philippines did and still does receive very significant foreign aid from the USA (much which goes into private pockets by corrupt politicians). The aid comes in many forms, including loan guarantees, development of agriculture, and even things like the Peace Corps. You must open your eyes a little, that's all. The Philippines also has the full force of the US Military to defend it from any aggressor, thereby, relieving it from having to have an effective military force and the attendant expense of that. 

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