Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Fine Gentleman Sold His Good Name

Comment from a reader on the post: Can We Stop Calling it Drydens?
It seems you are totally ignorant of owning running or selling a business. The "Fine Gentleman" who used to own Drydens had a big enough ego to name the business after himself. That was his choice. He sold that business and was paid for the good will involved in that name. Change of owner maybe but it’s still the same business and if your friend is really a fine gentleman he wouldn't expect to sell something and expect the value to be removed after the sale! He got PAID for that name. To ignorantly expect the new owner to throw away the good will he paid for because a bunch of drunken old farts don't like the changes or don't like the fact that there buddy isn't there anymore, it’s pathetic. Get a life!

From the Bugle: Now, now… let’s not criticize drunken old farts. That’s our core demographic!

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