Friday, February 8, 2013

Reef Grounding Aside, the United States Has Been Generous to the Philippines

Comment from a reader on the post: Who Cares if the Navy Trashed a Lousy Coral Reef?: I care that the Navy trashed a coral reef in one of the Philipine's most sensitive environmental regions. The US should pay whatever is necessary to restore the area. I also care that Pinoy politicians used the incident to get face time in front of the electorate with vitriolic and adverse criticism of the Navy that suggested the US will get away with miserly fines and insufficient payment for damages. They need to be reminded that the US gave up billions of dollars in hard facilities to the Philippines when the bases were abandoned at Clark and Subic. They need to be instructed that the US gave $91 million in foreign aid to this country in 2009, an amount that steadily increased to $121 million in 2012, a year in which military aid alone doubled to 30 million. Yes, I want my country to be responsible for damages to Tubbataha Reef. And I want this country's politicians to quit acting like ungrateful, petulant children.

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