Monday, February 4, 2013

Who Cares if the Navy Trashed a Lousy Coral Reef?

Comment from a reader on the post: The US left the Philippine Bases Because they Didn’t Want to Pay Extortion: Very true indeed. Even now they are trying to collect from the US an outrageous amount for the ship that ran aground in the coral reef down south. Whats the big deal? The lousy coral will eventually grow back! If the idiots that always end up running the Philippines were out shoveling s**t where they belong, this country could really amount to something. The problem really comes back to a citizenry that is too weak and passive and just lets it continue. I wonder if it will ever change? 

Bugle: The "lousy coral" is a Unesco World Heritage site, meaning that it's up there with the Grand Canyon and Great Barrier Reef in terms of its environmental importance. You may love the US Navy but it doesn't help to put blinders on and claim that they are never wrong. That minesweeper had no business in a sensitive environmental zone in the first place. What is the United States Navy, a two bit third world operation? No. The United States Navy is world class operation. It doesn't trash its allies environmental locations. I guess if one of America's allies trashed the Grand Canyon you would say: "What's the big deal. It's just a lousy canyon." 


  1. The Captain of the US Navy ship is the one lousy for having it grounded not the coral reef!

  2. Not skipper. Was outdated charts. No personal blame.


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