Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Should Pray Instead of Seek Answers Regarding Subic Fire

Comment from a reader on A Note from the Management of the Burned Establishment regarding the comment: “Sounds like management is trying to pass the blame off to the local government unit.”
Please instead of being part of the problem or trying to elicit prejudicial comments why not show some compassion for the families and friends for those that died. There will be time enough to determine the facts. It doesn't change that this was a horrible tragedy to all those involved. If we want to see something like this not happen again then we should see about modernizing our emergency response equipment and training. Please join me in prayer for all those who effected.

From the Bugle: This is probably the deadliest single incident to hit Subic since Mount Pinatubo. We can't recall any other single incident in recent history that took the lives of seven people. The best way to show compassion to the families is to ask hard questions and help them get answers. 

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