Sunday, May 5, 2013

They Won't Reinvent the Wheel at Clark Airport

Comment from a reader on Manila Won't Let Clark Have a Truly International Airport: Thank you for the hard work on the Bugle. by the way, since Philippine Airlines has a relatively new expensive Terminal 2 airport, and there is a new local airport, and there is work/upgrade on the old intl terminals all in Manila, doubt they would reinvent the wheel up in Clark...and PAL was just bought by the very powerful San Miguel Corporation, so in my opinion, there will only be the minor airline players in Clark that PAL tolerates until it decides otherwise...not to mention the 5 star hotels and Makati Fort Bonifacio business money people and other vested interests that don't want Manila moved... 

From the Bugle: The Philippines is the fastest growing economy in Asia, behind China. If it keeps up this blistering growth rate, it will need many international airports as well as much more reliable power supply and vastly upgraded infrastructure. 

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