Monday, May 27, 2013

Pontificating Crap 

Comment from a reader on: Why Must the Philippines Become North Korea?: It was typically high handed and dumb enough that at least this reader thought you were being serious. No idea that was your version of humor, given the usual pontificating crap you serve are so in love with the godforsaken Philippines...pathetic...if your gal has big tits and a hideous face, are you going to defend her eternal beauty despite all facts to the contrary? Are you blind? You are in deep denial...well anyhow, you have apparently enthusiastically and happily found your own level...good for you...

From the Bugle: You seem to have found happiness as well (and yes I would defend my gal). 


  1. The Bugle is almost always on target with their comments. Keep them coming and keep the trailer refugees in check.

  2. the Bugler and fans/foes/ranters/lovers/haters are taking a well deserved rest...truce...time out...:-) come on Bugler, we miss you...peace...


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