Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Feel Safe in Subic

Comment from a reader on Angeles-style Executions Come to Subic: I’ve been to Philippines, Angeles and Subic 10 times last few years but never had any problems at all. I like to party few days in Angeles then move to Blue Rock for a week or two. I don’t know what happen or for what reason Paul was murdered, but I’m sure it was not for nothing, diba. 

From the Bugle: This was clearly a targeted, specific execution of this individual related to some issue and not a random act of violence that threatens tourists. These types of executions have been a pretty common way of dealing with business disputes in Angeles for years. They were very uncommon in Subic. We can probably expect to see more killings like this in Subic as our red light district expands and attracts big players. 

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  1. seems to me the vendors on the beach and the trike drivers have slowly over the last few years become more aggressive, less respectful, more resentful...


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