Friday, May 3, 2013

Murders are the fault of the Philippines

Comment from a reader on Angeles-style Executions Come to Subic: What a great country and let's see if we can sort this one out---he had his head blown off because either a) he was a strict boss or b) he had too many-- or apparently one two many-- girlfriends...or possibly c) a business dispute...oh Ok I get the Philippines any of the above is seen by the "justice system" as justifiable homicide...likely nothing will come of this in terms of punishing the shooter or whoever may be behind the shooting... 

From the Bugle: Yes, good point. Murders are the fault of the Philippines, that's why there are no murders in your country and when there are murders they are always solved. It's all the Philippines fault. We get it. Any other intelligent analysis to add? 

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  1. Yes there are many--too many--shootings in the US...but most business disputes here are resolved in the legal system, imperfect as it may the PHILS because of the messed up legal system, many take the dispute into their own hands to get their notion of justice or their grievance, right or wrong, solved...its their only option sometimes...why on earth would you dispute that? It happens all the time...In the US and most civilized countries, the perpetrator would most likely get caught and be punished...Paul's murderer will likey never be found or prsecuted...look at the serial murderer in AC, 12 or 13 dead, 3 years ago, still living large in jail, happy and well fed, no trial in sight yet...WHY would you defend the PHILS on this?


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