Monday, May 6, 2013

Why Can't You be Civil, Like Your Readers?

Comment from a reader on the post: The Philippines is stagnant: Bugler why do you call someone who disagrees with you uneducated or an old fart? You are violating your own rules of civility and getting personal...

From the Bugle: Civility? Have you read this blog recently? We have a small group of Philippine-hating readers who have told us we are jobless, America-hating lecherous drunks who should burn in hell just because we choose to present a balanced picture of the both the positives and negatives of the country.

And by the way, the rules of the blog say nothing of civility. They say no profanity and no racism. We give the bigots a wide berth in this blog, wider than we should. 

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  1. ha ha Mr. Bugler, you got me on a few of today's responses, touche...funny...thanks for the laughs and for keeping your sense of humor...


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