Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Philippines is stagnant

Comment from a reader on My Country is Better than Your Country: Since you brought it up, I guarantee you that I have traveled more extensively than you-- but that is irrelevant...the point once again is that you ignore the questions and attack the poster personally...why don't you answer the questions? What EXACTLY is better in those categories in the Philippines than the US? Its not a matter of "better", that's a matter of taste I guess but again, even so-- most objective judges would rate the life style in US "better" in most respects, except maybe for karaoke music, cheap beer and easy bar girls...its a matter of your bashing the US and presumably other developed countries in favor of your living as a big shot cheap charlie among at best uninformed and friendly-- and at worst violent immoral ignorant-- natives in a semi civilized 3rd world want to make excuses for the Phils because it is "developing"? Oh good Lord it has been stagnant in the water for 500 years...

From the Bugle: The Philippines is stagnant? Fitch's, Moody's, World Bank, Bloomberg, and just about every other international observer disagrees. This isn't about loving or hating the Philippines. It's about understanding what is happening in the country. Jeez, pick up a newspaper old fart.

“The Philippines is no longer the sick man of East Asia, but the rising tiger. There is macroeconomic stability, and the fiscal situation of the government is sound and improving. The fight against corruption is being waged with determination and it is paying off. Transparency is improving everywhere in the Philippines.” - World Bank (WB) Country Director for the Philippines Motoo Konishi, in a message at the closing of the 2013 Philippine Development Forum, February 5, 2013

“The Philippines was once the sick man of Asia: badly managed, corrupt and poor. Years of efforts by the government of President Benigno S. Aquino III paid off Wednesday, when the country received, for the first time, an investment-grade credit rating from one of the world’s major ratings agencies.” - The New York Times, in an article, “Philippines Gets Investment-Grade Credit Rating,” March 27, 2013

 “Say what you want about Benigno Aquino, but the Philippine president has some brass. First he arrested predecessor Gloria Arroyo on corruption charges and ousted her Supreme Court chief justice. Then he took on the powerful Catholic Church, shepherding free-contraception laws that enraged the Vatican. Next he ran afoul of the local tycoons by backing higher taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. By tackling these issues along with economic reforms, Aquino’s country is on the way toward an investment-grade credit rating.” - William Pesek, author of the article, “Leader With Some Spine Takes on World Heavyweight,” published on Bloomberg’s website, January 28, 2013

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