Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clark Saved Angeles from Urbanization

Comment from a reader on Clark Airport is the Meanest in the Philippines : The irony being that there would not even be a beautiful huge Clark base or Clark airport if not for the efforts of the "colonizing" foreigners i.e. the Americans creating what is still today an island of sanity among the chaos. Left to their own devices from the start, the locals would have urbanized the entire area by now and it would look just like the rest of Angeles City. 

From the Bugle: True it would be urbanized but this isn't because of the "locals". Rapid urbanization is a regional phenomenon in Asia: Here is an excerpt from Forbes magazine that puts this into perspective: 

The modern megacity may have been largely an invention of the West, but it’s increasingly to be found largely in the East. The seven largest megacities (defined as areas of continuous urban development of over 10 million people) are located in Asia, based on a roundup of the latest population data released last month by Wendell Cox’s Demographia. The largest megacity remains the Tokyo-Yokohama area, home to 37 million, followed by the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, Seoul-Incheon, Delhi, Shanghai and Manila.

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