Monday, May 6, 2013

China is the elephant in the living room

Comment from a reader on Philippine Defense Chief Floats Possibility of New US Bases in the Philippines: True, the PHILS needs the US because they have zero military ability. Cannot handle the MILF MNLF Abu Sayaf and NPA etc internally by themselves. And externally being pushed around by China and maybe North Korea and whatever that debacle was all about in Malaysia recently. You are correct, there is a small but very vocal minority (Communists, Muslims, gadflies, isolationists, whatever) against the US and the VFA that must be kowtowed to...they get a lot of local press and put lots of pressure on the local Senators...but the Philippines still gets tons of money from the US above the table and under the table for docking fees and military aid and everything else (the so called anti trafficking stuff too, which is another issue for another day) ...A strong military presence of US in the Philippines helps the US too for anti terrorism AND the encirclement of China issue...China may be the elephant in the living room...North Korea is giving us an excuse to be more active in the some point, China wil...

From the Bugle: Interesting analysis. Just a tip, if your comment is long, break it into two comments or blogger will chop it off, as has happened with your comment, or you can email it to us at Thanks for the interesting comment!

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