Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Give the Philippines to China

Comment from a reader: As an American I say that U.S. worries about Communist China's recent expansionist moves should come first. With that in mind, why not offer up the Philippines to Beijing as a Trojan Horse? Whatever it is they have been breathing, eating and/or peddling down there for all these years in the PI-----it won't take long for that strain to infect Communist China and turn it into an economic basket case incapable of funding or sustaining any type of expansionist policy. And if it's the sparking of economic hopes the PI is actually aiming at, there are more than half a billion Chinese men whose wallets can be completely sucked dry at the grass roots level. Win-Win for both the U.S. and the PI.

From the Bugle: You are the reason we have anti-American protests in the Philippines. 

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  1. It's already promised to Korea


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