Thursday, June 18, 2015

Return of US military benefits American retirees in the Philippines

Comment from a reader on the return of US bases to the Philippines and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement
The one community that will benefit tremendously will the retirees. The Philippines is the ONLY foreign country that has a VA medical center and who has a list of preferred Dr.s. The retirement community evolves around the areas around the bases, so when the bases return, the retirees will demand full access to the commissaries and post exchanges.

Of course, this is gonna boost the local economy, especially around the areas where bases were being proposed.
They should, the Koreans and the Japanese are always complaining about everything from the roar of air force jets and rotary helicopters to the raunchy behavior on the weekend.
Sure, the Filipinos did too, but they also know the consequences of when the military moves out.
Filipino Senators will be going into overdrive in their efforts to promote their area as ideal for a base location.
I can tell you the places where you won't see bases will be in areas controlled by either the Muslim or Communist guerrillas. And let's not forget that although Abu Sayyaf has scaled back on their activities, they are not defeated. Also, keep in mind that although piracy off the coast of Somalia has abated some, piracy in southeast Asia has picked up. Also Abu Sayyaf works alongside militants from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. There is a big risk of increased terrorism activity once the US makes their presence known in the Philippines. However, I do know that the those Filipinos who see the US military as a boost to their local economy would protect their invest by working with them closely.

Yeah, the US has been out of the Philippines for about 23 years, but it was enough time for the Filipinos to know that they will benefits a lot from the return of the US.

Also, it can be a signal to the Koreans and Japanese to let them know they have more options than they thought of and they might feel the consequences of what it would be like if and when the US leaves.

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