Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fire SBMA Employees Before Punishing Investors!

Featured comment from a reader about the post New SBMA Fees
Puting another tax wont work either if they have too many employees, why do they need over 3000 to run this base.
Too many family members on jobs for life!!!!!!!!
Why do we need to have our own police force? Bring in the PNP NBI
Why do we pay 400% more for our garbage than Olongapo City and dont get a free wheelie bin,Sub Contact it to Olongapo and sack the Sanitation Dept.
Yes lets select the street sweepers for dismisal what a joke.
Money lost in Foreign Currency Trading, What cant they find where the stolen money went.
Todays Paper 70,000 new jobs in Clark, They know how to run a business

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