Saturday, December 22, 2012

Subic Bay Dumping Part II

A pretty in depth comment from a reader on Subic Bay Dumping

This is all propaganda BS by the complainant...who just happen to be top brass for GTDI, whom lost the contract to Glenn Defense Marine. These brainless idiots making such accusations such as "toxic waste", and "nuclear waste", all the while saying US Navy Ship. It was awesome how Subic Ecology Center violated all security protocal, when they boarded the Glenn, without being accompanied by any Coast Guard personnel. Just trying to create tension and threaten the RP-US relations, and give more fuel for the other brainless anti-American groups to run their filthy mouths. If they are so concerned about polluting the waters, then I would have to ask where is the investigation against Subic Water?? They clearly haven't any lifting stations to separate the solid wtf are they disposing their waste? SBMA now is a cesspool of corruption, that has been mismanaged from day one when the US handed it over. It's amazing how these criminals have not been put in prison. Wonderful job sparking anti-American and anti-VFA sentiments...and you wonder why your country hasn't come out o the dark ages. Bask in your own juices.

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