Saturday, December 29, 2012

In the UK, We Stopped the Gun Massacres and it Didn't Lead to a Marcos-style Dictatorship

Comment from a reader on Maguindanao massacre was caused in part by poor gun control in Mindanao
I’d like to make a comment/observation regarding gun control. I read that Marcos introduced a tight gun control law and this effectively lead to his dictatorship and as such was a bad idea for the U.S.A. and it's democratic process. This would put the population of America's mindset on a par with the Philippines? In the U.K. approximately 30 years ago, we had a "nutter" who went on a shooting spree, and as a consequence we banned guns overnight! We had all the usual demonstrations etc. about personal freedoms and liberty but at the end of the day it took politicians with balls to actually do what the majority wanted and take a moral and not a "pressure" stand. As far as I know democracy still thrives in the U.K. and not any feared dictatorship.

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