Thursday, December 27, 2012

He Should Have Stayed in Thailand

Comments from readers of the New York Daily News regarding Subic Resident Arrested in New York:

It a typical story of how men are screwed when it comes to child support. These so call moms/females love it when they're living the high life but if it changes they still want the same amount and won't back down. All you have to do is watch any "Housewife" to see what today's women are like.

That's great -- put him in jail for the rest of his life. Let him make license plates for 25¢/hr so he can pay off the $1M bucks he owes. When my circumstances changed I went to court and got my child support adjusted. On the other hand, I always paid it so I didn't get any grief from the kids' mom. But whatever he could make on the outside, if they can keep him in one place, they'll get a lot more out of him than if he's in the slammer.

Great, the taxpayers can pay $40-50K a year to keep this clown locked up so he can send $100 a week to his ex-wife.

The moral of the story don't have kids. And worse don't get married if you don't have to. Then you can live as you want in Thailand or the Philippines. He should have remained in Thailand selling motorbikes. What caused him to go to the Philippines is beyond me? Does he not know the Philippines was once a U.S. posession from Spain. And we still have contacts there unlike Thailand the country that boasts they were never colonized by the Europeans?

Or, get custody if you do. Child support payments are based on absurd formulas and assumptions that have more to do with maintaining a high lifestyle for the mother than supporting the child. In real life a custodial parent who loses a job doesn't continue to owe the child an accumulated debt. And, since when does a kid need tens of thousands per month and to live in a mansion as is the case with some celebrity cases. Child support is post feminist alimony.

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