Monday, December 10, 2012

Fixing Olongapo’s Floods Are a No-Brainer

Featured comment from a reader about the post Dredge the Rivers
This whole situation is truly a no brainer. Especially in an election year you would think that the Olongapo constituants would be standing up for themselves. How many times do they have to endure flooding (loss of belongings, flood damage, etc.) that would be solved by simply dredging the river/watershed and getting a full blown campaign against litter in the drainage system?
I was talking with a Olongapo born and raised resident and was told that during the previous mayor's tenure (Senator Dick Gordon) that the Subic/Olongapo area was one of the cleanest in the country. She further went on to recount how dismayed that she was about the lack of consideration for the environment. The people of Olongapo need to wake up and see how their actions/inactions also impact others upstream (i.e Santa Rita, etc.). I am sure that a lot of the flooding experienced there was due to the impeded flow thru Subic/Olongapo.
Another area that needs to be tackled countrywide is code enforcement. I have read how the National Administration is trying to get the codes enforced at a national vs local leve. This would help the repeated catastrophies of people building in flood prone areas (i.e. Marikina, Olongapo, etc..)...

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