Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pave the Baloy Road!

Comment from a reader:
The Baloy Beach area has probably the finest hotels, bars and restaurants in the area.  however the road is a piece of crap.  With all those fine places, one would think that a re-pave of that road could enhance business levels for all located there.  It is mystifying why this has not been done.  I have talked to several owners in that area and I get somewhat different answers but it pretty much boils down to politics - that being the mayor vs the baloy family.  Seems that most owners would chip in (some have tried) and have the road paved, but have met with resistance.  The national highway in Baretto was re-paved in 2 days and the same could be done in Baloy, probably for less than 20k.  Do you have any clarification on why this seemingly 'no brainer project' can't get off the ground?

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