Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bad driving is in the Philippines not in Filipinos

Comment from a reader on the post: Is the Philippines ready for high-speed highways?:

What the ----! Filipinos in the main, cannot drive safely. How the hell they manage in Australia is a mystery. Strict laws and regulations such as not having a mobile phone in sight and heavy fines for traffic infringements must be hitting the bank balance. They would probably get away with more in the states where riding a motorbike and bicycle without a helmet is almost "hero status". Just love it when you are turning left and motorcycles pass as you are making the turn! 

From the Bugle: They manage easily in Australia, Canada, the US, etc. They take driver's education classes and are forced to follow traffic laws, just like everyone else. We're not sure how much you travel but this isn't a "Filipino problem". Developing countries around the world have the same problem. (The Philippines is a haven of traffic safety and discipline compared to Vietnam!) There is zero driver's education in the Philippines. "Driving schools" actually just teach you have to shift gears in a standard transmission and they do the LTO paperwork for your license. There is almost nothing in terms of teaching driver's safety and defensive driving. Traffic laws are selectively enforced. If a country has the political will to enforce mandatory real driver's education, and enforce traffic laws (including for jeepneys and police, congressmen, and all the other VIP scofflaws on the road), then the country will move toward having safer roads. The Philippines isn't there yet.  

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